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We place high importance on the value of conserving nature and protecting the environment. That must be compatible with the running of a hotel! As a matter of principle, we source our beef and pork directly from organic farmers whose animals are kept in conditions appropriate for their species and are well nourished. Our eggs are all free-range and also come directly from the farms. Herbs used in cooking are grown in our own garden. The quality of the food is of paramount importance!

All of the hotel’s laundry is cleaned in-house using biologically safe detergents, before being dried in the sunshine and ironed by our staff.

A large solar power system ensures clean, eco-friendly energy during the summer months. Waste is, of course, carefully sorted.

Gain strength, while enjoying the surrounding beauty,
directly from the power source that is the Wörthersee.

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Solstice hike 2017

Solstice hike 2017
17th to 18th June 2017
(Ultra) Hiking around the Wörthersee, approx. 55 km / 1,600 metres cumulative elevation gain,
from €140.00